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We have both leather and digital full colour printed coasters.

Our leather coasters can either be digital full colour printed, or we can create a line drawing from an original photo which we then produce a printing plate. From here we can then use the printing plate to either blind emboss the image in to the leather or use a hot foil effect on to the leather.

Our photo coasters are our own special construction combination of photo paper with a fibre board centre, compared to our competitors which are metal/tin in construction.

Take a look at our resources page for more information about pricing and brochures displaying all of our different types of products.

Creative Designs Info

All of our materials and products are manufactured in Britain, our leather items are all constructed from recycled bonded leather and our photo magnets are a combination of photo paper and fibre board compared to our competitors which are metal/tin in construction.

What is carriage paid shipping on reorders and do you have minimum orders? £100 UK Mainland & £150 Highlands & Islands. Bespoke reorders are 300 units by design, we have no minimum reorders on the Gift Centre line.

What is the cost of your products? Bespoke ranges and the generic Gift Centre are all £1.25 per unit with a SRP of £2.99. Although bespoke ranges can easily be sold for more!